Different Mathematical Models. COVID 19 predictions for India and Indian States.

SIR Model

SIR Model

A simple Epidemic Model. This model predicts the susceptible, infectious and recovery for each day of India for different input parameters

SIRU Model

This model predicts the number of susceptible, asymptomatic infectious, reported symptomatic infectious and unreported symptomatic cases for various parameters

Indian States

Analysis of Covid 19 for different states


Understand what is a Reproduction number

Mathematical Modelling

Want to know how did they develop epidemiological model


Historical Remarks on Epidemiological model


Latest updates about Covid19 Models including Stochastic PDE

Fitting Models to Data

How to fit pandemic models to data

Exclusive Analysis

Analysis for India

Know the number of hospitalized cases

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Disclaimer: The model given in this websites are based on various assumptions. The prediction over estimate or underestimate.

Data Source:

For India: covid19india and John Hopkins.

For Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharastra, Kerala, Karnataka